Gawie and Erika le Roux have owned Grootnek since 2007, fulfilling a life-long dream, and it is their passion and commitment that is evident on this farm, particularly in the guest houses. The three cottages were originally built in the 1950's as homes for the farm workers. 

When Gawie and Erika arrived they were completely rundown and the project of rebuilding and renovating was tackled with Erika at the helm. After much planning, decorating and hard work, Grootnek Guest Farm opened its doors to guests in May 2009. 

The original farm house at Grootnek Guest Farm was built around 1890. The five tall Blue Gum Trees were planted around the same time and stand as testament to the rich history associated with the farm and the surrounding area. The occupants of the original farm house, Oom Nicklaas Ferreira and his wife, Vinny, have lived on the farm since 1974, but have moved away during 2012. Gerhard is the new Manager since 2012. 

The fruit production at Grootnek includes two varieties of pears (Packhams and Russet Bosc), which are exported at approximately 250 000 kilograms per year; peaches (Nova Donna) which cater to the local market at approximately 32 500 kilograms per year (and growing as these are the youngest trees, planted in 2005); and 2 varieties of plums (Laetitia, red, and Son Gold, yellow) which also cater to the local market at approximately 20 000 kilograms per year. There are currently in the region of 12 000 fruit trees on the farm.

Gawie and Erika welcome all visitors to come and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing few days at Grootnek Guest Farm, where the peaceful surroundings and amazing views provide excellent food for the soul.